Koncertek a Budapest XVIII. kerület városban, jegyek keresése és megvásárlása

Koncertek, élőzene, fesztiválok és turnéidőpontok keresése Budapest XVIII. kerület közelében: jegyek vásárlása 2023/2024 előadásokra.
  1. my ex's best friend (with blackbear)
  2. I Think I'm OKAY (with YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker)
  3. maybe (feat. Bring Me The Horizon)
Machine Gun Kelly Photo

Machine Gun Kelly

  1. Dog Days Are Over
  2. You've Got The Love
  3. Spectrum (Say My Name) - Calvin Harris Remix
Florence and The Machine Photo

Florence and The Machine

  1. Stranded
  2. Flying Whales
  3. Our Time Is Now
Gojira Photo


  1. All Is Violent, All Is Bright
  2. Frozen Twilight
  3. Forever Lost
God Is an Astronaut Photo

God Is an Astronaut

  1. Alone In A Room
  2. Not The American Average
  3. The Final Episode (Let's Change the Channel)
Asking Alexandria Photo

Asking Alexandria

  1. Blood // Water
  2. Blood // Water - King Kavalier Remix
  3. KULT (feat. Jasiah)
Grandson Photo


  1. Black Thunder (feat. Serj Tankian and DL of Bad Wolves)
  2. Wolf Totem
  3. Wolf Totem (feat. Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach)
The HU Photo

The HU

  1. Twilight Of The Thunder God
  2. Raise Your Horns
  3. Put Your Back Into The Oar
Amon Amarth Photo

Amon Amarth

  1. Heroes
  2. School's Out/Another Brick In The Wall
  3. Whole Lotta Love
Hollywood Vampires Photo

Hollywood Vampires

  1. I Feel Like I'm Drowning
  2. Go Fuck Yourself
  3. Love Is a Bitch
Two Feet Photo

Two Feet

  1. Ov Fire and the Void
  2. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
  3. O Father O Satan O Sun!


  1. Everytime We Touch
  2. Everytime We Touch - Hardwell & Maurice West Remix
  3. Evacuate The Dancefloor - Radio Edit
Cascada Photo


  1. Can't Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton)
  2. Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz)
  3. Glorious (feat. Skylar Grey)
Macklemore Photo


  1. Hail to the Hordes
  2. Satan Is Real
  3. Violent Revolution
Kreator Photo


  1. World's Smallest Violin
  2. Bang!
  3. The DJ Is Crying For Help
AJR Photo


  1. Spacegrass
  2. Electric Worry
  3. Fortunate Son - The Weathermaker Vault Series
Clutch Photo


  1. Drunken Lullabies
  2. Devil's Dance Floor
  3. If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Flogging Molly Photo

Flogging Molly

  1. Mediterranean Sundance / Rio Ancho - Live at Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA - December 5, 1980
  2. Beyond The Mirage
  3. Peace Piece
John McLaughlin Photo

John McLaughlin

  1. Blinded By The Light
  2. Blinded By The Light - Single edit
  3. For You
Manfred Mann's Earth Band Photo

Manfred Mann's Earth Band

  1. Memoriam
  2. Hunter Moon
  3. Memorial (feat. Chelsea Wolfe)
Russian Circles Photo

Russian Circles

  1. Death Dies Hard
  2. Ghost Reviver
  3. The Perfect Cult
Deathstars Photo


  1. Bleach Blonde Bottle Blues
  2. Deep Stays Down
  3. Holy Ghost Fire
Larkin Poe Photo

Larkin Poe

  1. Teleport - Future Mix
  2. A380
  3. Altair - Guy J Remix
Hernan Cattaneo Photo

Hernan Cattaneo

  1. Wicked Games (feat. Anna Naklab) - Radio Edit
  2. Paspatou
  3. Manila Palm
Parra for Cuva Photo

Parra for Cuva

  1. Reign of Darkness
  2. Puppet Master
  3. Until There Is No Longer
Thy Art Is Murder Photo

Thy Art Is Murder

  1. Runnin' Wild
  2. Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
  3. Breakin' Outta Hell
Airbourne Photo


  1. Muzzle
  2. I Threw Glass at My Friend's Eyes and Now I'm on Probation
  3. Crybaby
Destroy Boys Photo

Destroy Boys

  1. Wake The Dead
  2. Do Yourself A Favor
  3. Heavy Steps
Comeback Kid Photo

Comeback Kid

  1. Small Town Boy
  2. Say Just Words
  3. No Hope in Sight
Paradise Lost Photo

Paradise Lost

  1. Grown Woman Not a Sugar Squirrel
  2. It's a Prison Workout
  3. Find the Car
Iliza Shlesinger Photo

Iliza Shlesinger

  1. I Come With Knives
  2. Animal Impulses
  3. Bernadette
IAMX Photo


  1. Heartless (feat. Morgan Wallen)
  2. Genius (feat. Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth)
  3. Where Are Ü Now (with Justin Bieber)
Diplo Photo


  1. Punishment
  2. Judgment Night
  3. Shades of Grey - Remastered
Biohazard Photo


  1. Voice of Rebellion
  2. Deathwish
  3. Fuck This Life
Pain Photo


  1. March of the Dead
  2. Neo-Tokyo - Dance With The Dead Remix
  3. Diabolic
Dance With the Dead Photo

Dance With the Dead

  1. Far from Heaven
  2. The Sea of Tragic Beasts
  3. Walk With Me In Hell
Fit For An Autopsy Photo

Fit For An Autopsy

  1. Wingbeats Source III: Piano and Wings
  2. Footsteps
  3. East London Street - No Drums Version
Hidden Orchestra Photo

Hidden Orchestra

  1. Bastard of Hades
  2. The Nuckelavee
  3. Hell's Rock 'N' Roll
Hellripper Photo


  1. Breathing
  2. Voodoo
  3. The Space In Between - Ben Böhmer Remix
Ben Böhmer Photo

Ben Böhmer

  1. Lone Wolf
  2. Valley Of Violence
  3. Nuclear (Hands Up)
Zomboy Photo


  1. The Hunt
  2. The Flood
  3. Shores Of The Lake Simpele
Wolfheart Photo


  1. Leviathan
  2. Starstorm - Shudan Remix
  3. Starstorm - Remastered
Esprit D'Air Photo

Esprit D'Air

A leghíresebb élő koncerthelyszínek Budapest XVIII. kerület

  1. Barba Negra
  2. Obuda Island
  3. Budapest Park
  4. Dürer Kert
  5. Papp László Budapest Sportaréna
  6. A38 Hajó
  7. Akvárium Klub
  8. MVM Dome (Budapesti Multifunkcionális Sportcsarnok)
  9. Puskás Aréna Park
  10. Puskás Aréna
  11. A38 ShipShop
  12. MOM Sport
  13. Erkel Theater
  14. Magyar Zene Háza
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